Let me capture your unique moments before they vanish forever. 

Christoph Maier
Photographer & Filmmaker

Christoph Maier



I am happy creating high resolution still images with multiple radio remote cameras to create different stunning views of your fireworks display all at the same time.
Benefit of my 20+ years of experience.


I have enhanced my service to offer video footage in the latest 4K or even 6K resolution.
I love to create videos of your fireworks displays as well as artistic "Behind the Scenes" or "Image-Films" for you.

Post Production

Post Production is not just a necessary task -
it is my way to give your images and video footage the designated final look and the quality it deserves.


My Story

Twenty years of fireworks (and) photography –
my greatest passion(s). 

I started as a general photographer with a personal passion for fireworks. After some time I recognized how much these two things have in common. Both are pieces of art based on technical know-how, experience and great imagination.
In my opinion it is necessary to look at fireworks from a photographer’s and a pyrotechnician’s perspective at the same time in order to achieve the best photographs.
I am familiar with e. g. cue lists, digital firing systems and Italian stutatas and have actively taken part in the set-up of various fireworks in Germany, Italy and Spain.
A festival of fireworks on a glacier, the opening of a hotel in Dubai or New Year’s Eve in Sydney are only some of the international events I have worked at as a photographer and filmmaker.


Please have a look at some selected images, that might give you an idea what I love capture for your company.


Besides traveling to spectacular locations I do also love to welcome international pyrotechnicians at some famous competitions in Germany.

- Hanover - International Fireworks Competition

This annual competition has been held in the beautiful baroque gardens of Hanover Herrenhausen  on 5 evenings between May and September for 30 years.

- Berlin -

This prestigious international competition has been held on a field right behind the historic Berlin Olympic Stadium for two nights every September since 2006.

- Potsdam - Feuerwerkersinfonie

This European competition has been lighting up the sky above a beautiful modern garden for two days each summer since 2002.


Christoph Maier
Klamannstr. 13
13407 Berlin
+49 30 7109707-0
+49 30 7109707-2

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