"fireworks (and) photography – my greatest passion(s)"

I started as a general photographer with a personal passion for fireworks.
After some time I recognized how much these two things have in common. Both are pieces of art based on technical know-how, experience and great imagination.
In my opinion it is necessary to look at fireworks from a photographer’s and a pyrotechnician’s perspective at the same time in order to achieve the best photographs. Explain to me what you are “painting in the sky” and I will capture this unique moment in a picture.
I am familiar with e.g. cue lists, digital firing systems and Italian stutatas and have actively taken part in the set-up of various fireworks in Germany, Italy and Spain.
Since recently, I have been producing my pictures with professional high resolution camera equipment (both analogue & digital).
The cost of my services depends on the size of the event and the associated budget. Just ask for a free, non-binding quote.
Special requests like for example the involvement of additional photographers, the remote control of several cameras or the evaluation of the show design from a photographer’s perspective can be realised.
A festival of fireworks on a glacier, the opening of a hotel in Dubai or New Year’s Eve in Sydney are only some of the events I have worked at.

Christoph Maier